nclug NCLUG 2004-09-14 Hacking Society Meeting Page


User: ahs3
Date: 2004-09-14 23:16:08.903324
Body: Requested an project for laptop-doc. This is a new project to collect documentation on how to use and install Debian GNU/Linux on various laptops, based on a discussion started on the debian-laptop mailing list. Started building docbook templates for the documentation and building the debian package structure.

User: aw
Date: 2004-09-14 23:16:05.406405
Body: Hacked on a module, refrained from using X for almost the entire meeting

User: dangerjim
Date: 2004-09-16 20:54:03.104828
Body: worked on slides and stuff.

User: Eric Schwartz
Date: 2004-09-14 23:15:48.849080

User: Evelyn Mitchell
Date: 2004-09-15 01:04:52.339665
Body: I did not have cookies, though the cake for Ant's birthday was very nice. The net was sucky, so I defended Scott's chair with a fork. And I caught up a bit on stock tracking.

User: jafo
Date: 2004-09-14 23:10:03.445931
Body: Migrated the BLUG web site over to the new server. That went fairly well, except that Debian didn't have MoinMoin available. Gah. Setting up the new Hacking Society web site. You're looking at it. That's a huge load off.

User: scoth
Date: 2004-09-14 23:25:50.436823
Body: Ate birthday cake. Spent most of the meeting trying to improve my wireless signal strength -- mostly through arm waving and running about with an aluminum foil hat. Made several trips to the basement to map some formerly anonymous network cables.

User: Tim Chambers
Date: 2004-09-14 23:13:03.473733
Body: (1) still trying to build 2.6.7 kernel (2) is more fun (3) Web mail