hash hash 2004-12-11 Hacking Society Meeting Page


User: jml
Date: 2004-12-13 03:55:12.796837
Body: jml worked with CHRis a lot on his new RPG world, Lucis. He got LaTeX working on his mac. He got OpenOffice.org working on his mac.

User: radix
Date: 2004-12-13 03:53:26.593932
Body: I fixed epydoc generation of Zope Interfaces, managed the Twisted roundup tracker a bit, and finished my character sheet for a D&D character. I did about 1/10th of a HERO character sheet for a winged barbarian.

User: tjs
Date: 2004-12-13 03:55:45.502052
Body: tjs upgraded his debian machine and started thinking about LISP and Scheme.