nclug 20040525 Hacking Society Meeting Page


User: Anthony Earl
Date: 2004-05-25 23:00:00
Body: Spent most of the evening working out that an upgrade to pciutils in a most recent Knoppix installation results in a poorly booted system and this appears to be becuase of a mid-April change within Debian. Advice is not to upgrade those packages from the base system.

User: dangerjim
Date: 2004-05-25 23:00:00
Body: Checking off items on the Installfest ToDo list. Saw the monkey movie.

User: Eric Schwartz
Date: 2004-05-25 23:00:00
Body: Bricolage, postgresql, failing at both of them.

User: jafo
Date: 2004-05-25 23:00:00
Body: Setting up a box for ISOs and files for the installfest this weekend. Helped Scott help me with some SQL problems I was having. Ordered a new projector to upgrade our current one.

User: scoth
Date: 2004-05-25 23:00:00
Body: Worked on some startup scripts for work. Found some amusing root-beer flash movies. Used google and skif's help to find some help for ant's knoppix laptop. Photoedited a webcam picture from the white lake crater to use as my desktop background, got helpful suggestions from skif. Rebooted a server that may have been having some jfs issues. Played enigma. Ate some of dangerjim's delicious cookies.

User: whizbo
Date: 2004-05-25 23:00:00
Body: Repaired his laptop to perfect, previous working order. Firefox had issues because the filesystem was corrupt. Sound was busticated.